Image Re-Size Tool for use with STLWed Bio Builder
Click here for use with SIGNATURES
Before trying to make an image larger make sure you are using the full sized image instead of the small image thumbnail.
Click here to read more about thumbnails (tiny image previews) vs full sized images.

(Not for use with Image Slide Shows)
2006 Elizabeth Ford
  1. Enter the URL for your image
  2. Edit the Width and Height values until you like what you see in the Preview below.
  3. To make the image fat or skinny, uncheck the 'Maintain Image Ratio' box. To go back to the original image ratio, re-check the 'Maintain Image Ratio' box.
  4. Use the Units option to switch between sizing by pixels or percentages.
  5. To reset the image back to it's original size, click the 'ReLoad Image' button.
  6. When you like what you see in the preview, copy the Re-Sized Image Code below and paste it into the Bio Builder in place of the Image URL
Enter Your Image URL
Maintain Image Ratio
Width x Height Units  
Re-Sized Image Code
Image Preview: