Image Re-Size Tool for use with Signatures
Click here for use with the STLWed Bio Builder
2006 Elizabeth Ford
  1. Signatures have a size limit. To help reduce the size of the code in your signature we recommend converting the URL of your image to a Tiny URL here:
  2. Now enter the Tiny URL for your image, and click the Reload Image button.
  3. Edit the Width and Height values until you like what you see in the Preview below.
  4. To make the image fat or skinny, uncheck the 'Maintain Image Ratio' box. To go back to the original image ratio, re-check the 'Maintain Image Ratio' box.
  5. Use the Units option to switch between sizing by pixels or percentages.
  6. To reset the image back to it's original size, click the 'ReLoad Image' button.
  7. When you like what you see in the preview, copy the Re-Sized Image Code below and paste it into your signature
  8. Note for some reason everytime you make an update to your profile (bio updates included) your signature code will get deleted, and you will need to re-enter it. We don't know why this happens, but it does, so we recommend that you save this code in a text file on your computer, so that you don't have to recreate it everytime you edit your profile.
Enter Your Image URL (don't forget to make the URL Tiny)
Maintain Image Ratio
Width x Height Units  
Re-Sized Image Code for Signatures
Do not use in STLWed Bio Builder
Image Preview: