Forum Rules

All Forum Members Must Abide by the Following:

  1. No posting of abusive, pornographic, or otherwise offensive materials.
  2. No posting Copyrighted or Trademarked material (without permission of the owner).
  3. No posting of pirated software or media.
  4. We understand that this may not be the only forum/website you visit.  However, please don't copy things from other forums and post them here - if stlwed forum users wanted to read the materials posted on other boards, they would read the other boards for themselves.  Also please refrain from even mentioning content on other forums (even if you're not taking the time to quote it directly).
  5. Don't debate politics or religion on this forum. There are other websites devoted to those topics, and isn't one of them. In addition: Politics are not part of the wedding planning process, don't mention politics on the stlwed forum - with over 500 members not everyone can discuss politics while being respectful of other's views and it's detrimental to the community.
  6. All topics which start to turn into heated debates (where arguments are apparent, where sides start slamming each other and disrespect is apparent) will be locked.
  7. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes saying anything out of hate or to hurt or cut down other people or in a sarcastic demeaning way. If you come to our forums with the sole intent to be aggressive, for whatever reason, your account may be locked out or deleted with no notice.
  8. Inactive accounts may be deleted on a regular basis - don't lurk - interact to maintain your posting privileges.
  9. By becoming a member, you confirm that the information provided in this forum is true and that you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of use of this site. False impersonations, misrepresentations, fake identities, and all other fraudulant behaviours are strictly prohibited.
  10. Accounts that are suspected of being created for the use of spamming messages or advertisements may be deleted with no warning.
  11. Making posts purely to advertise other sites and/or products may be deleted.
  12. Spamming is prohibited and all such posts are subject to being deleted.
  13. No profanity in usernames - such accounts will be deleted.

Additional Rules for Brides/Grooms

  1. If you must post negative feedback about a vendor - keep it fair and simple and state only the facts.  Emotional embellishments, or personal attacks may prompt vendors to seek legal action against your for damaging their reputation.  Use your best judgment, and be careful! is not responsible for the negative vendor reviews posted by it's users - the vendor must contact the bride/groom directly and seek action from there.
  2. If you see an offensive post, or a vendor self promoting or selling a product on the boards, please report the post so the moderators can take action.

Additional Rules for Vendor/Brides and Vendor/Grooms

Definition: A vendor/bride or vendor/groom is anyone who works for (or has an immediate family member who works for) a wedding related business and who also happens to be planning their own wedding.
  1. Vendors who happen to also be brides or grooms are welcome here as long as they keep their business (or their family's business) and their wedding separate.
  2. Vendor/Brides and Vendor/Grooms are not allowed to give out professional advice or self promote on the boards. When a bride/groom wants a professional opinion they will post it on the Q&A vendor boards for technical answers from the experts, so giving your pro advice is not wanted or needed in the "brides/grooms only" boards.  Remember they are called brides/grooms only boards - no pros allowed - when you spend time on the brides/grooms only board it is because you are there to plan your wedding, you are NOT there to do anything related to your business (or your family's business). 
  3. Any communications related to your business (or your family's business) on the forums (including PM's) are strictly prohibited.
  4. Vendor/Brides and Vendor/Grooms are not allowed to post their pro advice on the Q&A boards either.  Posting on the Q&A boards is a privilege granted to stlwed sponsors. We are grateful for their support of our community, and we have set aside this section to let them interact with the community they support.
  5. If you happen to read posts about your business (or your field) on any board, you must keep out of it (don't post replies). Getting involved can make your business look bad so it's just not a good idea - even when you have the best of intentions.
  6. If you have any clients on this board (unless the client already knows you are a bride/groom on this board) it's not a good idea to mention posts that you read on the board to the client because it may make you look like a stalker.
  7. Keeping your business and personal wedding planning completely separate is the only way to let vendor/brides and vendor/grooms post without causing drama. If you are unable to keep things separate on this board, then you may loose any or all of your forum privileges.

Additional Rules for Vendors

  1. Vendors are not allowed to post outside of the Q&A boards.
  2. Only sponsors are allowed to participate as vendors in the Q&A boards.  Sponsoring an ad on does not guarantee the right to post on this forum - if you violate the rules - you're out for good.
  3. The Q&A boards are there to offer advice, not sell your product.  Selling your products/services on that forum may result in a total loss of forum privileges.  If a bride or groom specifically asks you about your products/services, post your phone number, website, or email address and request that they contact you directly (off of the Q&A board).
  4. Vendors must remain unbiased when giving advice.  Listing reasons why other vendors are bad (or don't do a good job) will only make yourself look bad.  Brides and grooms will respect your honest unbiased answers, and will be more inclined to book you if you can master this task.  For example, if a bride or groom asks on the Photography Q&A board: "Which is better a package with two photographers or one?"  Don't answer - "We offer..." instead give your honest advice listing pro's and con's of having just one shooter or two.
  5. Don't initiate posts unless it's to post advice articles.  For example creating a post stating "This month receive 10% off..." is self promotion - again if you want to promote your business like this - purchase a coupon ad - that's what it's there for.  Instead posts such as "10 questions to ask your DJ in the interview" are encouraged (in moderation - you want to look helpful, but not desperate for attention).  The more info/advice you provide the brides and grooms, the more they will become educated consumers, and the more likely they will be to seek out your services (for helping them throughout the rest of their planning process).
  6. Don't contradict the other vendors - we must work together to provide brides and grooms with the answers they need.  If you find an incorrect fact posted, instead of posting the corrected information yourself, please email the admin so that we can work together to fix the discrepancy.  Brides and grooms are smart enough to recognize the contradiction between two posts, but may not know which post is correct.  Therefore it will make both vendors look bad and loose credibility, so just avoid conflicting posts altogether.

Information About Moderators

  1. The forum moderators are NOT members of the stlwed management team.
  2. Moderators are brides or grooms who have volunteered to help keep the forum free from spam and running smoothly.
  3. Moderators are entitled to their own opinions which may differ from the official stlwed management. Stlwed is not responsible for the opinions, actions, or judgment of the moderators.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability

  1. All of the information posted on this forum are personal opinions, and may differ from the opinions of the stlwed management. Stlwed is not responsible for the individual opinions posted on the forum.
  2. Parties and other social events planned on the forum are planned by individual members (even if those members happen to be moderators). They are not planned or sponsored by the stlwed management in any way. The stlwed management is not responsibile for anything that happens at (or as a result of) those events.

General Etiquette

  1. DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS - it looks like you're shouting!
  2. Be respectful of other board members views and opinions.

How to Report Posts

  1. All complaints must be filed through the "report post" mechanism. Complaints about particular posts via emails or PMs to a particular moderator (including the admin) will not be addressed.
  2. When reporting a post please give a detailed explanation of which rule(s) the post violates.
  3. If the post does not violate a particular rule...
    • If you have a moral complaint about the content of the post (that is not already covered by the rules) you can:
      1. Post your alternate viewpoint.
      2. Ignore the post (and stop reading the replies) - if you don't care passionately enough about this issue to say so in public, then just let it go.
    • If you feel that the forum needs a new rule to deal with this situation, contact the admin directly.
      This forum is still new/evolving we may have overlooked something important when outlining the rules.
Violating any of these rules, or the STLWED Conditions & Terms of Use, may result in having your post(s) deleted and/or termination of your account or account privileges on stlwed. 
We reserve the right to edit/update these rules at any time without notice.